4 Days Until Our First IEO, Public Interview With Our CEO, CURATE On Forbes

It’s only a couple of days now until our first IEO.
We are extremely proud of our community and our team who supported us so far.
Please bear in mind that we will offer a 25% discount only to our early investors!

P2PB2B IEO dates
9.08–25.08 1st IEO session
16.09–15.10 2nd IEO session
25.10–24.11 3d IEO session

The prices:

1st session: 15 days
$0.10/CUR8 before 25% discount ($0.075/CUR8 after)

2nd session: 30 days
$0.12/CUR8 before 25% discount ($0.09/CUR8 after)

3rd session: 30 days
$0.15/CUR8 before 25% discount ($0.1125/CUR8 after)

Breakdown of CUR8 tokens for P2PB2B: 25% (25M tokens out of 100M created)

1st round: 10% = 10M x $0.075 = $0.75M
2nd round: 8% = 8M x $0.09 = $0.72M
3rd round: 7% = 7M x $0.1125 = $0.7875M

$2.2575M USD Hard Cap from P2PB2B IEO

Public interview with our CEO

1. What exactly is CURATE and how it will change the fashion industry?

‘’To put it simply, CURATE is the first-ever fashion discovery platform.
Anyone can use it and it’s here where they will find their favorite brands and retailers showcasing their best clothing ranges and collections for the community to discover and shop.

Users are rewarded with free bitcoin (BTC) and curate tokens ($CUR8) for every clothing post they engage with (upvote, comment, share, purchase) as a thank you for using CURATE platform.

We believe this is all-in-one discovery platform rewarding users to shop, and it's going to disrupt the way we shop, discover and get inspired online.’’

2. How does it all work?

‘’It’s free to use. You simply sign-up, go through KYC if you’d like to earn an additional % of BTC and CUR8 tokens and start discovering and shopping on CURATE.

Your activity and engagement on the platform will be monitored giving you a reward every week.’’

3. How will the application work?

‘’We’ve partnered with a number of retailers and merchants who want to be listed on Curate to get increased exposure, brand awareness, and sales. In return, we’re onboarding genuine users and customers to discover and curate the content for crypto rewards.

They will have an option to upgrade to a Curate Pro membership, which is $149/year giving retailers more perks such as featured listings, verified badge, ability to offer a higher % of CUR8 tokens to users.’’

4. How will people benefit from CURATE?

‘’People will find CURATE provides a one-stop solution for online shopping. Fashion and clothing is our first area of interest but soon we’ll be rolling out to other categories such as beauty and cosmetics, health and well-being and shoe wear.

We will also be launching the Curate Loyalty App which gives consumers and all in one app to use and spend CUR8 tokens as points to redeem money off coupons at both at physical shops and online shops with our participating retailers.’’

5. How can CURATE help the fashion industry in order to make their companies and engagements bigger, as well as sales?

‘’a) Raised brand awareness.
b) Increased traffic to merchant sites and goal conversions.
c) Clothing ranges and seasonal wears listed on the largest open/transparent platform leveraging blockchain technology.
d) Zero commission will be taken from Curate for all successful leads giving retailers bigger profits and customers better prices.
e) QR bar codes supplied to all partnered clothing brands to verify authenticity throughout the supply chain preventing fake merchandise.
f) Curate Pro membership for our retailers, charging $149/year giving retailers more features such as featured listings, verified badge, ability to offer CUR8 tokens to users.’’

CURATE mentioned in Forbes article as one of the ‘’10 Booming Industries And The Companies Innovating Them’’


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