Monday 15th Nov: Divine Anarchy NFTs go on auction on Curate

Growing NFT marketplace bringing gasless NFT trading to users solidifies Polkadot venture

P2P Marketplace Order Flow:

1. seller lists item with images, title, description, price in XCUR, quantity and price for shipping for each country selected

Curate now has access to a host of benefits, including AWS activates infrastructure to help quickly get started on AWS and the Amazon ecosystem.

Accepted into Amazon AWS Activate

Thousands of startups are leveraging AWS Activate to build and grow their business including DoorDash, Airbnb, Ralali, and Deliveroo. All of whom have transformed their businesses using AWS.


The Gasless NFT & Physical Goods Marketplace • Carbon Neutral • Cross-chain • $5M Gas Fees Saved • Empowering The Creator Economy • Download on iOS + Android 📲

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