Curate now has access to a host of benefits, including AWS activates infrastructure to help quickly get started on AWS and the Amazon ecosystem.

Accepted into Amazon AWS Activate

Thousands of startups are leveraging AWS Activate to build and grow their business including DoorDash, Airbnb, Ralali, and Deliveroo. All of whom have transformed their businesses using AWS.

However, not all get accepted into this exclusive club!

We’re pleased to announce Curate becomes one of the few crypto companies to join Amazon and enter into their AWS Activate programme.

The 21st century has seen remarkable innovations, most of which have been based on internet platforms such as the social media network or the rise of fintech. However, one of the most advanced innovations to date has been the introduction of the e-commerce sector.

At a very basic level, e-commerce has become the new normal for people buying and selling different products digitally. However, just as with every other sector, e-commerce shows tremendous potential to grow and evolve in this space. …

The financial revolution initiated by Blockchain highlighted the high costs associated with cross-border payments, or even simple online transactions. Eradicating the intermediaries and allowing a peer-to-peer transfer of value, Blockchain instilled hope of low or even zero-cost transactions over the internet.

However, even though the Blockchain-based payment system successfully removed the third parties from the scenario and provided a transparent and secured ecosystem, high transaction costs have become a greater burden than ever before. Prominent Blockchains such as Ethereum cost a tremendous amount of gas fees for financial activities due to network congestion.

Particularly in the world of e-commerce, crypto…

Introducing $USDXC (XC-20), CURɅTE’s own stable coin on the The X-Chain.

USDXC is backed 1:1 to the U.S dollar by pooling CURɅTE’s own reserves with other stable coin assets and reserves, which include traditional currency, affiliated assets and commodities.

Every USDXC token is 1-to-1 pegged to the U.S dollar, as such 1 USDXC token will always be valued by CURɅTE at $1 U.S dollar.

Curate’s blockchain technology ‘The X-Chain’ allows for gasless in-app swaps between $XCUR and $USDXC and vice versa.

This allows our community, who store their $XCUR on our app, to minimise market downturns and save gas fees…

We’re pleased to announce a partnership between CyberFi and Curate.

This partnership allows our users to buy CyberFi’s upcoming NFTs exclusive on the Curate NFT marketplace app.

As well as this, integrations for in-app staking, DeFi and lending protocols are in the works!

What is Curate?

Curate is the worlds first all in one marketplace app utilizing blockchain. Curate provides a fairer and more transparent open marketplace by offering an industry low 4% seller commission and provides buyers with zero fees when they use XCUR, curates native token, to purchase in-app. …

Incepted with Bitcoin, the technology that underpins the first p2p money transfer system has a lot more use cases than just being a network of blocks to verify transactions. Ethereum was the first to discover the large potential of blockchain. Many projects since then have come up to improve their respective industry. One of the pioneers among them is Curate that intends to disrupt the e-commerce industry.

Overview of Curate

Curate is a decentralized app that is run and hosted by multiple nodes spread around the world to secure the data of its users through cryptographic algorithms and end-to-end solutions. …

Curate is proud to announce its native token XCUR is being accepted on Expedia through its binance-backed partner Travala, so users holding $XCUR tokens can use them to book trips for the future.

Travala, a blockchain-based online travel agency (OTA) makes it easier for the blockchain and crypto community to pay for hotel deals and accommodations via cryptocurrencies. The platform has partnered with Expedia to enhance Travala’s services while encouraging mainstream crypto adoption. Expedia, a Seattle-based online travel agency is used. Partnering with Travala allows Expedia to offer its users to book hotel reservations, airline tickets, cruise ships, and much…

Curate’s own blockchain based on a PBFT/PoW Hybrid consensus

Key Highlights:

✅ XC-20 token standard on The X-Chain

✅ Contract language: solidity and lua

✅ Zero gas fees for $XCUR (XC-20)

✅ Curate’s private blockchain

✅ Near instant transactions

✅ Cross-chain compatible

✅ Seamless in-app UX

✅ Hybrid Consensus

✅ 20,000 TPS

✅ Live in June

Simultaneously launching along side and in-built The NFT Marketplace App in June 2021

XCUR (XC-20)

“To provide a scalable gasless marketplace, PoW will not cut it.” — James Hakim, Founder & CEO of Curate Group Ltd.

The security of a PoW network depends on the collective hash power of the network. A group…

App Development Update

Our marketplace app has been approved by Google PlayStore and Apple Appstore.

We are currently in the early phase of our testnet and will be making updates rapidly.

The app will be sent out today to the first 100 pre-registered users to give them priority access and collect early feedback.

We will then rollout the app to the next 100 pre-registered users once we’ve added the updates and so forth until we’re happy for all pre-registered users to try out the app.

As soon as the app meets the community’s standards we will release it to the public.

Development Team Partnership:

We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with Dubai’s leading PR and marketing agency, Luna PR. We believe they can take our decentralized app platform, Curate, to the next level by highlighting our unique services.

We are a blockchain-based platform that offers rewards in the form of ETH and our native XCUR tokens in return for users’ engagement. Our platform curates content from multiple brands and offers a one-stop-shop solution to people looking for inspiration and ideas in the fashion, gaming, and crypto space. …


CURATE is an All in One Marketplace app offering rewards on every purchase/sell! Supports $XCUR (ERC-20, BEP-2 and soon XC-20) and built on The X-Chain.

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