Curate App — Fundamentals

Hi there, I’m James, the founder of Curate, a discovery marketplace app supporting crypto payments and rewards.

My twitter profile is: and you can find me on telegram with the username @curateproject where I hang out in our group

There’s been a lot of focus recently on $XCUR, our native token, and how valuable it’s become and that’s not surprising given its 2900% rally since the beginning of the year.

However, from an end user perspective, I see even greater value in the Curate App.

In this article I’ll highlight some of the key differentials we’ll see in the upcoming Curate app and how its MOAT is wide.

Also, I’ll be discussing some of my goals for the next 18–24 months.

3 Key Features

  1. Peer to peer marketplace for buying and selling goods, supporting crypto payments such as BTC, BCH, ETH and XCUR as payment options in addition to credit card and PayPal.
  2. Payment rewards given back to the buyer and seller as a thank you for their loyalty. Rewarding loyalty for repeat custom and activity is part of the Curate culture we are creating.
  3. An additional payments rewards layer given to engaged members based on a metric points system to encourage activity. Strict anti-abuse measures will be in place to prevent spam.

Business Model

  1. Curate is a free to download app with free membership and no monthly subscription fees.
  2. Curate operates on a commission business model, where it currently charges a 5% success fee to the seller for any successful sale, however as rewards are issued from this commission, our net commission is 4% (see below for a breakdown).
  3. This amount is auto-deducted at the time of purchase, so all credit received into the sellers wallet is 100% theirs.
  4. By default, all sellers earn 95% revenue from their sales with upgrades up to 100% made at the discretion of the team during promotional events.
  5. Rewards will be issued to buyers and sellers who complete a sale. 20% of the commission will be split 50/50 and issued out to both parties. For example: $100 sale = $5 commission (5%), of which $0.50 is rewarded to the buyer and $0.50 rewarded to the seller (20% of 5% = 1% taken from the 5% commission i.e 4% is curates net commission).
  6. Engagement rewards and gas fees when paying in $XCUR are funded from the Curate team ETH wallet where we spot exchange the rewards token chosen by the user (ETH, XCUR or USDT).


  1. The world’s first peer to peer marketplace app supporting on-chain payments and rewards targeting two of the fastest growing industries, mobile e-commerce and cryptocurrency.

The Bull Case

  1. Curate will be the first app to market offering the above and we plan to accelerate fast and scale up as we grow.
  2. We’ve secured our development funding indefinitely and have raised funds for Q1 and Q2 marketing already.
  3. Disputes and real reviews are a major concern to buyers and sellers. Payments in crypto solves this thanks to blockchain. When a buyer leaves a review will we display if they paid on-chain. If there’s a dispute, blockchain makes it easier to resolve.
  4. Curate’s slick UX and functionality supported our ETH node will ease the ability to buy and sell with crypto, something the crypto space urgently needs right now.
  5. In comparison to eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces our fees are fraction of what they charge, especially if you pay using $XCUR as all gas fees are covered.
  6. Proof of postage for physical goods will also be incentivised by Curate in $XCUR. A picture of the receipt of postage will kickback a reward in $XCUR to the seller for being transparent. This image is stored on-chain to keep confidential information decentralised.
  7. We’ve partnered with some great names in crypto, and these names will only get bigger as we move forward with a fully managed social media marketing campaign operated by one of the biggest agents in North America and more partners for Q2.

Goals in the next 18–24 months

My Goals (some already met):

#1 CoinMarketCap — DONE

#1 CoinGecko

#1 trending App on iOS/Android

Go public in 18–24 months

App Launch Timeline

  1. Public pre-registration and direct approach to bigger merchants/sellers
  2. iOS app submitted to the App store as manual release (allows for internal testing and early feedback from Apple)
  3. Android to be submitted a few days later
  4. Internal testing and possible resubmissions if errors
  5. App v1.1 live
  6. App download link to sent to pre-reg user
  7. App announced to community and 2nd wave marketing starts rolling into Q2 marketing

At the time of writing we’re currently preparing step 3 (android app submission for internal testing).

Thank you for you support as always,


Founder & CEO




The Gasless NFT & Physical Goods Marketplace • Carbon Neutral • Cross-chain • $5M Gas Fees Saved • Empowering The Creator Economy • Download on iOS + Android 📲

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The Gasless NFT & Physical Goods Marketplace • Carbon Neutral • Cross-chain • $5M Gas Fees Saved • Empowering The Creator Economy • Download on iOS + Android 📲

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