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CURATE App Is Going Live This Month, XCUR Getting Listed On Two Exchanges

Dear CURATE community,

First of all, we would like to thank each one of you for sticking with us and our vision for so long, and being so patient.

Finally, CURATE is here to bring good-long awaited news.

Our application development is in its final stages, and we will launch the CURATE app this month.

Next to our app listing, XCUR will be listed on two exchanges in the coming days.


Our aim is to end this year with the listing of our app.
Our team of developers and designers is working at completing this goal, and finally, publish our app for a broad audience, so everyone can finally use the CURATE APP, and benefit from its usage.

Our app will be published on the 30th of December for Android and iOS users, and it will be possible to download the app on the App store, and the Play store.

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XCUR token listing

Our token will be listed on two exchanges in the coming days of December.

On December 11th, XCUR will be listed on the Bilaxy exchange.

On December 5th, the long-awaited listing of the XCUR token on the P2PB2B exchange.

A message from our founder to the CURATE community

‘’Thank you to all XCUR investors, we’re working hard to provide a new alternative marketplace app which rewards shoppers/sellers with crypto cashback. We’re also proud to see the fast adoption of our DeFi platform
Finally our marketing campaigns will be starting this month.
We’re confident we’ll see XCUR investors benefit, stay tight and keep holding! Me and team are holding long term as we strongly believe in the project!’’

Thank you always,

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The fashion discovery platform.

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CURATE is a discovery marketplace app with rewards on everything even if don’t buy! Spend and earn in #Bitcoin #ETH #XCUR

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