Curate + Divine Anarchy

Monday 15th Nov: Divine Anarchy NFTs go on auction on Curate

36 x Divine Anarchy NFTs from the collection exclusively for sale on Curate
Starting Monday 15th Nov @ 10am ET
4 x NFTs auctioned daily: 10am ET (3pm UTC), 12pm ET (5pm UTC), 2pm ET (7pm UTC) and 4pm ET (9pm UTC)
Each auction runs for 7 days
Floor price set at 200 XCUR
All bids and trades are gasless / zero fees
All NFTs can be exported out of Curate

Supported payments types:
XCUR (ERC20 + BEP20)
You may deposit XCUR or the assets below to convert in-app into XCUR:
Credit/Debit Card (KYC Required)*
*KYC is only required for fiat-on ramp purchases (not crypto purchases)

How to bid on a Divine Anarchy NFT:
1. Download the Curate mobile app
iOS: Download Curate on Apple App Store
Android: Download Curate on Google Play Store
2. Register, complete email verification and set your pin
3. Fund your wallet with XCUR* (ERC20 or BEP20) or deposit ETH, DOT, USDC (or deposit via card) to convert in-app to XCUR
4. Search for ‘Divine Anarchy’ on the NFT marketplace
5. Select the profile with the green verified badge
6. You’ll see the available NFTs for auction on this page
7. 4 x NFTs are auctioned daily from the 15th Nov (each auction lasts 7days):
10am ET (3pm UTC)
12pm ET (5pm UTC)
2pm ET (7pm UTC)
4pm ET (9pm UTC)
8. You’ll be notified in-app and via email if you are the top bidder or been outbid

*XCUR can be purchased via:
Including many other exchanges here

All bids and trades are gasless.
NFTs can be exported out of curate to your wallet of choice.

For more information please visit or email



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