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CURATE IEO, Binance Launchpad, 10k Members on Telegram, Solutions, Roadmap and About


CURATE is a style discovery decentralized app (DApp) i.e ‘blockchain smart contract enabled’ platform, which rewards you with digital tokens in the form of BTC, ETH and our own CUR8 tokens in return for users curating fashion styles.

How it works

CURATE is based on the ethereum blockchain utilizing the ERC–20 token system in the form of our utility token, the CUR8 token.
The CURATE platform being a DApp means it’s decentralized and distributed system of service is run and hosted by numerous systems around the globe.
All data in our platform is secured by cryptography. We are decentralized, open source and web 3.0.


We’re officially starting our IEO on 9th August on

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Solutions and Roadmap

The CURATE decentralized fashion discovery platform offers a one-stop solution to people looking for fashion inspiration and ideas. CURATE platform provides a discovery platform for both men’s and women’s luxury fashion, and as time goes on we will boast of the best decentralized crypto-asset based fashion platform the world has to offer. The fact that we act as curators also means that we will have a huge library and collection of fashion trends from designers world over which also means that people have different unique styles to pick from. The CURATE platform is also rewarding the contributors. Every idea posted by them will generate some sort of reward for them in digital tokens. This will also serve as a form of motivation for them to post more bright ideas and quality contents.
Of course, this does not mean that the reward is the driving force behind the contributor involving themselves in our project, but it serves as a means of commending their hard work.

Binance Launchpad

We are very proud to announce that we just submitted CUR8 to Binance Launchpad and we are awaiting for their answer.

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Our Telegram group crossed 10.000 Members!

This is another milestone for us, and we are very proud of every member that is with us on this great project.

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CURATE is a discovery marketplace app with rewards on everything even if don’t buy! Spend and earn in #Bitcoin #ETH #XCUR

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