CURATE Integrates Chainlink to Price NFTs and Services in its Marketplace

CURATE is building with Chainlink

Today, the CURATE team is excited to announce that we have sponsored a new Chainlink Price Feed for XCUR/ETH. This decentralized price oracle will ensure that NFT assets and services offered in the Curate NFT Marketplace can be priced in ETH yet purchased at current exchange rates using our native XCUR token. Additionally, other DeFi ecosystem projects can leverage the XCUR/ETH Price Feed to easily provide support for the XCUR token.

Curate is a gasless marketplace app that uses blockchain technology as a payment infrastructure and means of rewarding users for their contribution to the system. The platform is centered around the theme of content discovery on NFTs.

XCUR is a multi-utility native token of Curate that offers a wide range of use cases within and outside the Curate ecosystem, such as to purchase items, unlock special discounts, redeem free shipping, and more.

With the launch of the Curate NFT Marketplace in the coming months, we plan to add even more Chainlink oracle services for NFTs. This will allow for NFT metadata, marketplace stats, and market prices to be routinely updated in real-time.

We selected Chainlink because it’s the most time-tested and widely used blockchain oracle in the industry, with billions in value secured across DeFi and NFT markets. Chainlink Price Feeds have key features that make them a highly reliable way to price NFT assets and services:

  • High-Quality Data — data is sourced from numerous premium data aggregators, leading to volume-adjusted global market prices with robust market coverage.
  • Reliable Nodes — price feeds are secured by a decentralized network of independent, security-reviewed, Sybil-resistant oracle nodes run by leading blockchain DevOps teams with a proven history of uptime.
  • Decentralized Infrastructure — both the data sourcing and transmission on-chain are decentralized, removing any central point of failure.
  • Blockchain Agnostic — Chainlink is blockchain agnostic, making any new blockchain integration straightforward, with the ability to quickly expand Curate into new blockchain environments in the future if needed.
A preview of CURATE’s gasless NFT marketplace app

“I’m excited to integrate Chainlink oracles for secure price data and soon for a variety of other price feeds and datasets to support the growth of the Curate NFT marketplace. This integration is the first step in ensuring Curate users receive fair and accurate prices for in-app activities.” — James, Founder & CEO at Curate

“We’re happy to support Curate in providing their users with precise, tamper-proof price feeds so they can create a transparent and fair user experience. We look forward to providing more data feeds to the Curate Marketplace as it grows to support new types of digital goods. ” — Daniel Kochis, Head of Partnerships at Chainlink Labs

Please check out all the links below to learn more about each project. As always, we here at Curate are focussing on bridging the gap between e-commerce and crypto!

About Curate

Curate is the world’s first gasless NFT marketplace. Curate provides a fairer and more transparent open marketplace by offering an industry low 4% seller commission and provides buyers with zero fees when they use XCUR, curates native token, to purchase in-app. All buyers and sellers are also rewarded in XCUR on all transactions.







About Chainlink

Chainlink is the industry standard oracle network for powering hybrid smart contracts. Chainlink Decentralized Oracle Networks provide developers with the largest collection of high-quality data sources and secure off-chain computations to expand the capabilities of smart contracts on any blockchain. Managed by a global, decentralized community, Chainlink currently secures billions of dollars in value for smart contracts across decentralized finance (DeFi), insurance, gaming, and other major industries.

Chainlink is trusted by hundreds of organizations, from global enterprises to projects at the forefront of the blockchain economy, to deliver definitive truth via secure, reliable oracle networks. To learn more about Chainlink, visit, subscribe to the Chainlink newsletter, and follow @chainlink on Twitter. To understand the full vision of the Chainlink Network, read the Chainlink 2.0 whitepaper.

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