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CURATE Revenue Model, White Paper In RU/KR/CN, CEO Public Interview, IEO Update…

CURATE Revenue Model:

1. Curate, the original fashion discovery platform, will steadily grow the value of the platform and $CUR8 tokens by increasing demand and use cases by adding new participating retailers, extending niches outside fashion retail via ‘Curate +’ and by providing enough liquidity.

2. Curate Pro membership for retailers, initial fee $149/year offering retailers enhanced membership including featured listings, verified badge status, more engagement activities such as rewarding users directly with CUR8 tokens. Free to those who opt-in for the affiliate program i.e amazon associates affiliate, earning curate up to 10% on sales.

3. Curate Ads, our in-built native advertising platform offered to advertisers and agencies, allows custom targeting and ad placements to our users who have opted-in yielding a high ROI and RPM.

4. Curate +, our native browser extension allows users to earn free BTC and CUR8 as cashback when they shop online through a commission deal. Using our existing partnerships from the Curate platform, the Curate + extension extends to all niches outside fashion increasing market adoption of Curate and $CUR8 tokens.

5. $CUR8 tokens offered for sale on the platform, which can be used to redeem coupons, get free shipping and get cashback at participating retailers on the platform, as well as level up user accounts for more features.


White Paper now available in:


IEO update:

Our website got updated, and you can now buy directly our tokens from the website during the IEO!
Our IEO ends in 7 days.

Buy CURATE without KYC and without the provision on CURATE.
You can also be a part of our IEO and buy CURATE tokens on

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Dates and prices:

9.08–25.08 1st IEO session
16.09–15.10 2nd IEO session
25.10–24.11 3d IEO session

1st session: 15 days
$0.10/CUR8 before 25% discount ($0.075/CUR8 after)

2nd session: 30 days
$0.12/CUR8 before 25% discount ($0.09/CUR8 after)

3rd session: 30 days
$0.15/CUR8 before 25% discount ($0.1125/CUR8 after)

Telegram update:

Our community is getting bigger by the day! Thanks, everyone for an amazing goal of 50.000 CURATE supporters on Telegram!

CURATE is now available in your local language in the following countries:

Global: @curate
China: @curatechina
Indonesia: @curateindonesia
India: @curateindia
Japan: @curatejapan
Philippines: @curatephilippines
Russia: @curaterussia
South Korea: @curatesouthkorea
Vietnam: @curatevietnam

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Public interview with our CEO — James Hakim

In a few sentences can you describe in more details your company?

‘’We are a privately registered social discovery company from London, UK which was founded in March 2019.
Operating under regulated structures within the EU with UK license, the Curate Group unites fashion, crypto and virtual goods markets through blockchain technology.
We unify these tremendous markets and create the best products for our users, both one-stop and globally so that they can turn their passion for fashion inspiration and shopping into rewards.
What distinguishes us from competitors is the fact that we offer services and applications that are not isolated, but instead interconnected through the Curate ecosystem.

We currently have a team of over 20 staff members working remotely across the globe consisting of blockchain developers, designers and crypto influencers as well as investors and advisors.
Some of the countries we are located in along with our users are Singapore, China, US, UK, and Russia.

Our ERC20 utility token, $CUR8, is currently undergoing an IEO on the exchange, a top 25 exchange on by adjusted volume, as well an ICO on our website

The token will be listed at the end of the year on a number of exchanges including,, and to name a few.’’

What is your unique competitive advantage?

‘’CURATE is the first-ever fashion discovery platform.
Anyone can use it, it’s free to use and it’s where they will find their favorite brands and retailers showcasing their best clothing ranges and collections for the community to discover and shop.

We are in early discussions with retail applicants such as Amazon, Zara, and Gucci to name a few.
Users are rewarded with Bitcoin (BTC) and curate tokens ($CUR8) for every post they engage with (upvote, comment, share, purchase) as a thank-you reward for using the CURATE platform.

We believe this all-in-one discovery platform rewarding users to shop is going to disrupt the way we shop, discover and get inspired with fashion online. As the only crypto project doing this with fashion we have a strong USP and sound competitive advantage.’’

Do you have partners for the project?

‘’We are in early discussions with retail applicants such as Amazon, Zara, and Gucci.

We also have partnerships and written agreements with other crypto projects to provide further use cases for the $CUR8 token and Curate platform.’’

Any upcoming events or meet-ups?

‘’We have various upcoming interviews and blockchain conferences we’re planning to attend this year, some of these include:

World Blockchain Summit Dubai — 23rd October 2019 (James Hakim, founder, and CEO of Curate will be guest speaking).

Malta Blockchain Summit — 4th November 2019

Jane King NASDAQ MarketSite Interview, New York — 29th November 2019'’

Find out everything about CURATE in detail on our Official Whitepaper:

Our Official website:

Meet our Founder/CEO, James Hakim & listen to his vision:

Check out our previous update:

Join our Telegram and Socials:

The fashion discovery platform.

Discover Styles. Earn Crypto.


CURATE is a discovery marketplace app with rewards on everything even if don’t buy! Spend and earn in #Bitcoin #ETH #XCUR

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