CURATE to integrate with Amazon AWS Activate

Curate now has access to a host of benefits, including AWS activates infrastructure to help quickly get started on AWS and the Amazon ecosystem.

Accepted into Amazon AWS Activate

However, not all get accepted into this exclusive club!

We’re pleased to announce Curate becomes one of the few crypto companies to join Amazon and enter into their AWS Activate programme.

A Global Platform for Curate

On top of this, we will benefit from greater security (TCP/DDOS flood) and greater access due broadened IP ranges.

As well as this, we have the option to select further Amazon marketplaces to integrate with, by default we have been enabled for the following GEOs:

✅ Europe (Stockholm)

✅ Asia Pacific (Mumbai)

✅ Europe (Paris)

✅ US East (Ohio)

✅ Europe (Ireland)

✅ Europe (Frankfurt)

✅ South America (São Paulo)

✅ US East (N. Virginia)

✅ Asia Pacific (Seoul)

✅ Asia Pacific (Osaka)

✅ Europe (London)

✅ Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

✅ US West (Oregon)

✅ US West (N. California)

✅ Asia Pacific (Singapore)

✅ Asia Pacific (Sydney)

✅ Canada (Central)

To note, this is not a paid program and as per application requirements, the company needs to be into an active supported incubator or in series A with Amazon AWS Activate.

Featured startups who are part of Amazon AWS Activate

We look forward to a fruitful year and as always, I’d like to leave you with a familiar saying here at Curate… We’re just getting started!

CURATE is a gasless NFT marketplace app offering rewards on every purchase.