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How will CURATE Help Fashion Brands, Update From Our CEO/Founder and More

How can CURATE help fashion brands to increase their sales?

The CURATE platform will be the first leading fashion discovery platform rewarding users in BTC, ETH and CUR8 for curating styles.

This, in turn, will allow customers to get inspired from trusted sources of what’s trending.

Fashion retailers and brands will benefit in the following ways:

1. Raised brand awareness

2. Increased traffic to merchant sites and goal conversions

3. Clothing ranges and seasonal wears listed on the largest open/transparent platform leveraging blockchain technology.

4. Access to 50,000 users upon launch for curated feedback on their fashion range.

5. On-site analytics and tracking pixel leading to increased sales through optimization.

6. Prevent fraudulent transactions and chargebacks as users will be verified via KYC to ensure authenticity.

7. Zero commission will be taken from Curate for all successful leads giving retailers bigger profits and customers better prices.

8. What will be the cost per acquisition (user) to the platform?

$0.025 per user as we’ll be using our own proof of care platform to encourage early adoption with early rewards and tasks to keep users active.

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CURATE first YouTube review by Professor Crypto:

Worldwide update from our CEO/Founder James Hakim:

CURATE mentioned on NEIRONIX:

CURATE mentioned on ZyCrypto:

CURATE mentioned on Blockmanity:

CURATE on Yahoo Finance:

See the changes on our website:


CURATE is a style discovery decentralized app (DApp) i.e ‘blockchain smart contract enabled’ platform, which rewards you with digital tokens in the form of BTC, ETH and our own CUR8 tokens in return for users curating fashion styles.

How it works

CURATE is based on the ethereum blockchain utilizing the ERC–20 token system in the form of our utility token, the CUR8 token.
The CURATE platform being a DApp means it’s decentralized and distributed system of service is run and hosted by numerous systems around the globe.
All data in our platform is secured by cryptography. We are decentralized, open-source and web 3.0.

Find out everything about CURATE in detail on our Official Whitepaper:

Our Official website:

Meet our Founder/CEO, James Hakim & listen to his vision:

Check out our previous update:

Join our Telegram and Socials:

The fashion discovery platform.

Discover Styles. Earn Crypto.


CURATE is a discovery marketplace app with rewards on everything even if don’t buy! Spend and earn in #Bitcoin #ETH #XCUR

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