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IEO Has Started, Updates On Our Community

IEO has now officially started

You can officially get our CURATE token at p2ppb2b and our own website at

IEO dates:

9.08–25.08 1st IEO session
16.09–15.10 2nd IEO session
25.10–24.11 3d IEO session

The prices:

1st session: 15 days
$0.10/CUR8 before 25% discount ($0.075/CUR8 after)

2nd session: 30 days
$0.12/CUR8 before 25% discount ($0.09/CUR8 after)

3rd session: 30 days
$0.15/CUR8 before 25% discount ($0.1125/CUR8 after)

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As we got updates from our community, we would like to apologize to everyone who experienced issues during the IEO, as the exchange had their maintenance.

Curate is now available in your local language in the following countries:

Global: @curate
China: @curatechina
Indonesia: @curateindonesia
India: @curateindia
Japan: @curatejapan
Philippines: @curatephilippines
Russia: @curaterussia
South Korea: @curatesouthkorea
Vietnam: @curatevietnam

We would like to thank our community for over 40.000 members on Telegram!


CURATE is a style discovery decentralized app (DApp) i.e ‘blockchain smart contract enabled’ platform, which rewards you with digital tokens in the form of BTC, ETH and our own CUR8 tokens in return for users curating fashion styles.

How it works

CURATE is based on the ethereum blockchain utilizing the ERC–20 token system in the form of our utility token, the CUR8 token.
The CURATE platform being a DApp means it’s decentralized and distributed system of service is run and hosted by numerous systems around the globe.
All data in our platform is secured by cryptography. We are decentralized, open-source and web 3.0.

Find out everything about CURATE in detail on our Official Whitepaper:

Our Official website:

Meet our Founder/CEO, James Hakim & listen to his vision:

Check out our previous update:

Join our Telegram and Socials:

The fashion discovery platform.

Discover Styles. Earn Crypto.


CURATE is a discovery marketplace app with rewards on everything even if don’t buy! Spend and earn in #Bitcoin #ETH #XCUR

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