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IEO Round 2 Starts, AMA With Our CEO-With Rewards

IEO round 2 has started.

Round 2 will last until the 16th of October.
You can officially get our CURATE token at p2ppb2b and our own website at
Our community will also be able to participate in our IEO on SHORTEX.

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Our website got updated

You can visit our website at The changes that were made:
- Security audit report live
- New retailers added
- New UX for our users
- Buy $CUR8 via AirSwap

PS. clear your cache first

CURATE has been mentioned on INC42

AMA with our CEO-James Hakim (Telegram). Top 5 questions picked by our CEO are:

User: @NLcryptoT

Q) Will curate key focus stay on fashion or do you see it evolve into something larger over time?

Ans) ‘’Initially fashion/clothing/apparel retail but we’ll be expanding to all niches once our roadmap is complete.

We’ll be doing this with the help of our own browser extension: Curate+, a native browser extension allowing users to earn free BTC and CUR8 as cashback when they shop online with our partners through a commission deal i.e Fiverr, eBay, GoDaddy etc..’’

— — — — — — — -

User: @Mekydy

Q) It seems to me that your project which is a term to fashion industry will have a lot of competitions from blockchain in no long a time, what measures are you putting in place to couple with them, because they are coming.

Ans) ‘’I’m happy for new projects to enter this space. It’s not about making money, to me it’s about fixing a real problem. We need retail to move to blockchain and become decentralized so reviews can be verified, merchandise can be genuine. It’s all about trust to the consumer and that’s what I’m trying to do.’’

— — — — — — — -

User: @HarSimarHS

Q) Many blockchain projects and companies focus on making very complex systems and say they will revolutionize the banking system and help the unbanked. Since you work in the business area, how realistic do you think such statements are?

Ans) ‘’No idea tbh, I’m holding a few altcoins, some I really like: CEL, EOS and BAT. But I’m not in DeFi or FinTech, we’re creating a new crypto category ‘DeRe’ = Decentralized Retail’’

— — — — — — — -

User: @Adejank

Q) Are you a fashion designer? If yes, how long have you been in fashion and what motivated you into it?

Ans) ‘’No, I’m not a fashion designer. I’m a developer from London. Yes, I’m married and my wife is pregnant.

What motivated has been asked before, he’s what I answered:

Fashion/clothing retail has been generally untouched by blockchain/crypto. The idea came from a real world-life problem I faced 3 months ago when I couldn’t find an all-one website/app to do my shopping where I could trust the reviews/merchandise was real. CURATE solves that, plus we give you free bitcoin back for shopping.’’

— — — — — — — -

User: @zardik2753

Q) I have followed your project for a while but some concerns about it: your project gonna build your own main net, so that do you have any more prominent than Ethereum and NEO. They are projects that were born before and also have a very large community. And what makes you sure your project will ensure the features you’ve set out?

Ans) ‘’No plans to build our own mainnet, we’d rather continue as a DApp and migrate to a faster PoS mainet with sharding and staking to scale faster as we grow. Also, I’d prefer we use the dev time/funds for mainnet to give back to our users when they shop on Curate’’

— — — — — — — -

User: @Mrbut88

Q) What kind of measures will be implemented to secure the chain with sharding and its security liabilities? All current projects are concerned with the speed and quantity of transactions. Old projects have also improved their network. So what else does CUR8 need to bring to investors?
of CUR8 tokens and what potential future updates excite you to share with us?

ans) ‘’As we migrate from ETH PoW to a PoS mainnet we’ll utilise sharding similar to GRAM token. Also moving to a faster mainet, onboarding 250+ retailers and hiring the best blockchain engineers are what excite me.’’

— — — — — — — -

Please contact @curateproject-our CEO on Telegram if you are one of the winners to receive your $100 CUR8 prize.

Find out everything about CURATE in detail on our Official Whitepaper:

Our Official website:

Meet our Founder/CEO, James Hakim & listen to his vision:

CURATE is now available in your local language in the following Telegram groups:

Announcements: @curateannoucements

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