It's with tremendous pride and excitement that we announce our partnership with the Crypto Knight influencer team!

The Crypto Knights are four top-influencers who have over 1.5million subscribers over multiple social media platforms. The team is made up of BlockchainBoy, JoshuaJake, CryptoWeatherman, and WendyO. We have had a professional relationship with a few of these influencers independently of our involvement with the Crypto Knight team, and we’re happy to further this working relationship with them.

While it is a marketing push, our partnership does feel more connected than a typical business relationship. For instance, BockchainBoy has listed the link to the Curate App directly within his own personal link tree! In fact, he listed the Curate app link SECOND - coming immediately after the Crypto Knight Discord link and above his own profile links (for TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, etc). With goodwill like this, we can't wait to see where this partnership might lead long term.

In the short term, the team will be blasting out news and updates about Curate on their various channels. We have been engaging with them behind the scenes for the past month, or so, finalizing our strategy for coordinating the timing of information releases for our updates and news. The fact that we went live with in-app staking, and massive UX update right before this partnership was impeccable timing, as hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of new eyes will be on Curate.

Upon the announcement that we are working with the Crypto Knight team, the price of $XCUR surged, and we hit the Daily Top Gainer list on Kucoin. But more importantly, we also saw a huge uptick in engagement across our Twitter and Telegram channels. With many new, engaged users importing their NFTs, and more artists than ever asking about releasing collections on Curate, we envision this partnership to bring sustained growth to our community.

We can't wait to see how the market continues to react to the upcoming Curate news and teasers announced by the Crypto Knights over the upcoming month.



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