Luna PR Joins Curate as an Official Marketing Partner

We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with Dubai’s leading PR and marketing agency, Luna PR. We believe they can take our decentralized app platform, Curate, to the next level by highlighting our unique services.

We are a blockchain-based platform that offers rewards in the form of ETH and our native XCUR tokens in return for users’ engagement. Our platform curates content from multiple brands and offers a one-stop-shop solution to people looking for inspiration and ideas in the fashion, gaming, and crypto space. Partnering with Luna PR will assist the platform’s marketing and advertising efforts efficiently, while helping to grow the platform’s community and raising brand awareness.

Branding is indispensable for all companies, particularly for a brand like ours, with peer to peer transactions, serving as a discovery marketplace while utilizing blockchain technology, therefore, we would love it if more people learnt about our varied features and benefits. Partnering with Luna PR allows us to market our efforts in the right direction, and we are hopeful that this collaboration will attract more audiences to our platform.

Luna PR has been at the forefront of the web 3.0 revolution and have partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry, helping them break-out into the global market by leveraging Luna PR’s expertise and experience in marketing and PR. This partnership is expected to provide us with the advantage of Luna PR’s news and distribution channels, allowing updates and announcements to be distributed to a broader audience.

About Curate

Curate is a marketplace app that uses blockchain technology as a payment infrastructure and means of rewarding users for their contribution to the system. The platform is centered around the theme of content discovery on gaming, fashion/clothing, cryptos, and much more. XCUR is a multi-utility native token of Curate that offers a wide range of use cases within and outside the Curate ecosystem, like purchase items, unlock special discounts, redeem free shipping, and more.

About Luna PR

Headquartered in Dubai, Luna PR is a leading PR and business development consultancy offering end-to-end marketing solutions to the blockchain and crypto industry in addition to other emerging tech sectors. The agency leverages its media resources and extensive experience in storytelling to help its partners rise to prominence. Luna PR serves some of the industry’s largest projects, including eToro, Huobi, and Paxful.

The Gasless NFT & Physical Goods Marketplace • Carbon Neutral • Cross-chain • $5M Gas Fees Saved • Empowering The Creator Economy • Download on iOS + Android 📲

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The Gasless NFT & Physical Goods Marketplace • Carbon Neutral • Cross-chain • $5M Gas Fees Saved • Empowering The Creator Economy • Download on iOS + Android 📲

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