P2P Marketplace Guide + FAQs

P2P Marketplace Order Flow:

1. seller lists item with images, title, description, price in XCUR, quantity and price for shipping for each country selected

2. buyer can browse items (items shown globally)

3. buyer can choose item and buys the item (fixed price listings only and XCUR payments only for now)

4. seller receives funds, which are locked, funds are deducted from buyer

5. seller sends item, provide shipping information in app i.e courier, tracking number, photo of packaged item and receipt

6. buyer receives item, clicks mark as received

7. seller funds unlocked

8. both buyer + seller receive 0.5% reward in XCUR

9. both buyer and seller’s successful trade count increases by 1 which is visible via their profile (feature coming soon)

Examples of potential questions and resolutions

Buyer side — not received item:

If after 28 days the buyer has not received their item, they will need to contact support@curate.style with their app email address and item details for support to investigate and resolve. The funds sent to the seller are locked and do not get auto-released until the buyer marks ‘item received’.

Seller side — buyer not marked item received:

If 28 days have passed and the buyer has not marked ‘item receive’, the seller will need to contact support@curate.style for the support team to investigate and resolve. As buyer payment is required before the seller ships, and tracking info is a requirement, support should be able to investigate and resolve swiftly.

Returns/Item lost/damaged goods received/fraudulent goods

Buyers can raise enquiries with support@curate.style to investigate. Although curate is not responsible for the items listed and sold or their condition/authenticity, KYC is required for both buyers and sellers and we aim to keep the marketplace fair and trustworthy for all parties


  1. Items are listed in XCUR only
  2. Items can only be sold via fixed price (buy it now) only and not via auctions currently
  3. Items can only be purchased in XCUR for now
  4. Full Terms of Service of what is allowed to be listed is displayed in the app
  5. Curate does not take any responsibility for items listed or sold, all support enquiries need to be directed to support@curate.style and not individual staff members past or present via social media or email or otherwise
  6. KYC is required for buyers and sellers to use the P2P marketplace for now
  7. Each listing needs to be manually reviewed by our support team before going live on the marketplace
  8. Below is a table of items we do not allow or would need more time reviewing

What’s next:

  1. ETH, DOT, USDXC and Card integration for direct purchases
  2. One click NFT physical listings option (list NFTs in NFT marketplace and physical pieces of the same NFT in P2P marketplace with one click)
  3. Feedback and rating/review system
  4. Price comparison feed via oracle partners empowering better buying decisions
  5. Item categories and search/discovery features



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