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Curate is a marketplace app that is centered around the idea of content discovery between the many merchants and consumers that use it. It is an app that utilizes the decentralized blockchain network as a payment infrastructure, and as such can provide royalty as well as rewarding engagement on the app.

Curate was founded by James Hakim, who fills the role of a CEO and Developer.

Imagine being rewarded for shopping or browsing through listings. The concept behind Curate is to incentivize everyone for spending time contributing to this marketplace. This transparent platform can also be categorized as a style discovery dApp, a blockchain smart contract enabled platform that rewards users with ETH and XCUR tokens for engaging within the ecosystem and community. The platform also allows users to give feedback on a curated collection of trending content within these key categories:

  • Clothing and fashion
  • Gaming and tech
  • Crypto and assets
  • Health and beauty

How Curate Works

The content creator or merchant in this case uploads content or an item to sell on the curate application.

Next, the item is curated by the community. This in other words means that it is purchased, liked, commented on, or followed by members within the ecosystem.

The content, over time, gains popularity and allows the global app community to access it as time goes on. Curate rewards both the original content user, the curator, and any purchaser with ETH or XCUR tokens.

As such, the Curate marketplace offers a solution to people who are looking for the specified assets, inspiration, and even ideas. It does this by rewarding both the creators and merchants, as well as the contributors. This is due to the fact that each and every item or content posted on the app will generate a reward for the user in the form of digital tokens.

XCUR Token Explained

The Curate Token is created for utility reasons, and it is neither a security nor an equity token under any securities regulation in any jurisdiction. It is a token with pure utility characteristics, features, and functionalities that offers users several use cases on the Curate dApp and even outside the ecosystem.

XCUR can be used in-app for purchases and provides the buyer with zero gas fees.

It is an ERC-20 utility token smart contract compatible and interoperable with other utility tokens that are Ethereum-based.

XCUR is also bridged to BEP-20 on binance smart chain.

You can purchase items on the Curate platform, unlock special discounts, redeem free shipping, upgrade your account to Curate Pro, social karma tipping, the monetary currency for payments even outside of Curate as well as rewards for holding.

This token essentially lets any user purchase in-app goods, is accepted as a form of in-app payment for selling, or staked in-app to collect rewards for holding. It also has the ability to be withdrawn to trade or sell.

Curate Pro

Curate Pro is a $99/year subscription that offers users pro features, such as highlighted listings, verified badges if KYC approved, DMs, the ability to reward users in custom tokens, and much more.

That being said, Curate makes its revenue by charging a flat commission on each and every successful purchase made through the applications. Buyers might also receive a small service fee which is used towards funding the rewards program. This allows buyers, sellers, and users to receive rewards in ETH or XCUR once they meet the engagement reward criteria.

XCUR has a circulating supply of 5,329,025 tokens, with a total supply of 8,500,000. Normally, 10,000,000 were created, but 15% was burnt in 2020. 10% will be burnt each subsequent year until 50% of the supply remains which is approximately 5,000,000 XCUR.

The Curate Rewards Algorithm Explained

Monthly rewards are based on likes, comments, followers, age of the account, KYC verification, daily activity, items purchased, sold, referrals, and amount of XCUR tokens within the account. Based on all of this information, users will be rewarded on a monthly basis, which is what makes Curate unique and attractive to both sellers and consumers.



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